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Imperial Ossetra

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The most expensive caviar on record is from a 100-year-old fish
Almas caviar, from the eggs of 60 to 100-year-old Iranian beluga sturgeon.

Caviar (Persian: خاویار‎, translit. Khāviyār‎) is a delicacy consisting of salt-cured fish-eggs of the Acipenseridae family. The roe can be "fresh" (non-pasteurized) or pasteurized, with pasteurization reducing its culinary and economic value.

Traditionally, the term caviar refers only to roe from wild sturgeon in the Caspian Sea and Black Sea (Beluga, Ossetra and Sevruga caviars). Depending on the country, caviar may also be used to describe the roe of other fish such as salmon, steelhead, trout, lumpfish, whitefish, carp,and other species of sturgeon.



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Almos Caviar   1kg    $68,000.00

also known as Beluga Sturgeon Caviar is processed by Caspian Salt Masters. The female Beluga sturgeon takes up to twenty-five years to mature and produce eggs. Beluga caviar is the largest-grain caviar and varies in color from light to dark gray.


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Red Caviar  $95.00  1Kg

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Classic Ossetra   35.2oz(1kg)          $2400.00

Royal Ossetra         35.2oz                  $3200.00

Imperial Ossetra   35.2oz                  $4900.00

Golden Imperial Ossetra  35.2oz   $8700.00

​Beluga Sturgeon 35.2oz        [[Not Available]]         

​Classic Gray Sevruga 35.2              $18,500.00